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  • $65.00

    Premium chocolate dipped strawberries in white and pastel orange chocolate paired with a summer classic 175ml Aperol Spritz cocktail is a gift for any occasion. Serve over ice & enjoy!

  • $79.00

    Delicious milk and white chocolate strawberries each toped with a coffee bean, paired with a classic 200ml premixed martini cocktail. A delicious pairing and the perfect gift for any espresso lover.

  • $95.00

    A delicious edible bouquet that is a wonderful gift to send clients, friends or family this festive season.

  • $89.00

    A cute bunch of delicious fruity brightness that is the perfect treat to cheer someone up or say thank you.

  • $79.00

    A vibrant and juicy fruity arrangement of rockmelon, honeydew, sweet strawberries and tasty pineapple and watermelon stars arranged in a keepsake ceramic container. This delicious treat is the perfect gift for those fun festive occasions.

  • $99.00$159.00

    A sweet bouquet filled with sweet strawberries, watermelon hearts, juicy pineapple flowers, rockmelon, honeydew and a mixture of strawberries dipped in delicious white and pink chocolate. The perfect bouquet for someone you love.

  • $79.00

    A timeless classic cocktail for any occasion! Premium strawberries dipped in milk and white chocolate, decorated with dehydrated edible oranges paired with a 200ml premixed whiskey cocktail bottle. Serve over ice and enjoy!